July 12, 2011

detail love: a crafternoon in the studio

What a cute way to spend an afternoon... a 'Crafternoon'? This is a fabulous idea and service that is offered by The Collection Event Studio, where you can host your own craft event (maybe for a bridal shower or nice girls weekend) and create all things diy.

You could easily re-create this idea at home! Why not get started with some of the diy posts I have shared here

(Photography by Edyta Szyszlo, found via The Collection Event Studio)


  1. Love these photos! You should check out my 2008 book "Crafternoon" for more ideas, and visit my first Crafternoon at the San Francisco Public Library on 8/27/11. Cheers.

  2. Why does crafting "mess" somehow look more artistic than normal mess? Must be all the lovely materials and accessories...oh and the sweet treats, too, of course!