April 11, 2012

our love in october: small little changes

Hello Everyone. You may have noticed that Love In October has made some tiny improvements. 

Firstly, we have added Love In October's Features in our side bar which are our regular titled features including Sunday Love, Wedding LoveÉclairs for Breakfast and many more...  

We have also added sweet little reaction tabs called 'I Love This'. This sits under each post near the comments section. It is similar to the 'Like' button on Facebook and helps us see which posts you are loving. So click on all the posts that you love... 

Speaking of Facebook, we are now on Facebook. Yay! We now have a lovely Love In October Facebook page with our portfolio pages, our likes and friends and links to fabulous posts. 

Head over to our Love In October page and like us. 

We are also now on Pinterest! I have been a lover of Pinterest for a long time and now finally we are part of this world of beautiful things. 

Be sure to pop over to our page... Love In October / Natalie and look through our boards, re-pin or like our images and follow us. 

All of these gorgeous images are on our Love In October Pinterest page. We will be including Facebook and Pinterest Links on our blog soon. 

(Photography found via Postcards and Pretties)

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