December 17, 2011

our love in october: an office in a field - part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Love In October’s office in a field shoot... something special that we did to celebrate our first birthday. I hope you enjoyed Part 1.

Today we have our remaining two outdoor office spaces.

A quiet corner...

A quiet corner was an interesting collection of vintage and modern pieces including a hand-painted destination scroll, a classic Tolix stool, a patterned cushion, handmade bowties, a collection of glass jars and bottles, and an antique Golden Circle crate. The quiet corner was enriched with the amazing colours and textures of the brick wall behind as well as the grassy paddock and afternoon sun.

A vintage corner...

A vintage corner was an enchanting spot made up of some of the most amazing vintage finds including a vintage typewriter and suitcase as well as an original bank sign. The enchanting corner overlooked a still lake decorated with flowering lily pads and sat amongst open paddocks scattered with cute cows.

I hope you enjoyed Love In October’s office in a field shoot. This shoot is a lovely way for us to celebrate and remember our first birthday and everything that we have achieved. We had so much fun on our road trip to the field and styling and setting up in a place that we would love to work every day.

I would like to say a big thank you to the two fabulous people that help make up the Love In October team. Firstly to Mister Love In October, a fabulous husband who helps to make all my blog dreams come true. Secondly to Jenny, the most amazing photographer and the sweetest person. She captures all the beautiful details and helps bring my ideas to life.

event design & styling: Love In October / photography: Jenny Cuerel Photography / location: private residence / all props: Love In October, photographers family or a close friend. 

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