December 16, 2011

our love in october: an office in a field - part 1

As you all know we here at Love In October recently celebrated our first birthday! I still can't believe we have been celebrating all things lovely and detailed for 1 whole year. To celebrate our birthday, I wanted to do something a little special for us (apart from our fabulous giveaway!). I played around with lots of party ideas but decided to do something a little different, something that celebrated who Love In October is and more importantly what makes us tick! So I thought what better place to see who we are then where we work... well where we would love to work! 

We set off on a road trip and moved our office to somewhere we really love... a gorgeous open field with enchanting trees, a peaceful lake, cute cows and a beautiful blue sky. 

For our outdoor office we arranged four spaces... my workspace, my collection space, a quiet corner and a vintage corner.

In these spaces, we set up the essential office props... a rustic desk, classic office chair, a fabulous yellow door and a quirky window. We then surrounded ourselves with everything that we love including handmade artwork, vintage items, beautiful fabric pieces, my growing collection of glassware and cakeplates, portfolio images, and of course my trusty laptop and phone. You may be able to pick out some photoshoot props that we have used in previous shoots.

Today we have our first two outdoor office spaces.

My workspace...

My workspace displayed some of my most beloved possessions such as my ceramic and glass cakeplates, milk pints, a glass dome, a baby blue clock, vintage fabric bowties and handmade bunting. I also included portfolio images, a picture of my beautiful cat, fantastic magazines I read every month and a delicious yellow soda. My outdoor office was so magical under a gorgeous leafy tree with my fabulous yellow door and desk with trestle legs.

My collection space...

My collection space housed my ever expanding and delicate glassware collection of cakeplates, jars and domes, and my fast growing stationary and card collection. My collections were accompanied by an amazing vintage chest, suitcase and window. The space was simple, sweet and beautiful. 

Can you spot Milly the cat?

Please pop back tomorrow for Part 2 of our office in a field shoot.
event design & styling: Love In October / photography: Jenny Cuerel Photography / location: private residence / all props: Love In October, photographers family or a close friend.


  1. Fantastic photo shoot. You have a very creative gift! Keep up the great inspiring work.

  2. Amazing!!! The colors & detail just captures U....