November 1, 2011

anniversary love: anniversary time capsules

Recently I shared with you a little wedding love of Love In October’s beautiful wedding day. I briefly mentioned that my husband and I presented anniversary time capsules / envelopes on each of our reception tables for our guests to sign. On each envelope read the date of our first year wedding anniversary and inside were little paper love birds and a description that read...

'This is our anniversary time capsule for our... 1st Anniversary... 
please write down your thoughts, well wishes or predictions for our future together... 
and we promise not to open this envelope until that day'.

All of our guests wrote little notes, well wishes and predictions for us during the night that were emotional, sweet, meaningful and very funny... that we could read together on our first year anniversary.

Our first year anniversary was spent trekking in Nepal so we decided to leave them to open on our second year anniversary. It was such a wonderful experience to read these notes from our nearest and dearest and relive moments from our day. I recommend to everyone to have an anniversary time capsule at your wedding (or even baby shower or naming ceremony)... it is so lovely and so much fun.  

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