May 12, 2012

our love in october: a chocolate factory love story - part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Will and Sofia’s wedding... a chocolate factory love story. I hope you have found Part 1 and Part 2 beautiful and inspiring.

As Will and Sofia's ceremony was early afternoon, guests were treated to an afternoon tea reception in the gardens of a chocolate factory.

For Will and Sofia’s wedding paper goods I designed a simple and sweet invitation package that gave a tiny hint of the chocolate factory love story theme. I used natural brown papers, beautiful white cards, vintage love stamps and a fabric lined envelope. Guests were also sent small save the date gift tags with the ‘Why would you want too....’ saying.

A rustic timber table with white mismatched vintage chairs was adorned with glass mason jars and glass dome centrepieces. The glass mason jars were wrapped in lace, housed tea lights or created simple vases for fresh flowers... white and purple roses, lavender posies and white and green chrysanthemums.

Each place setting was set with a simple white ceramic dinner plate and accompanying cutlery, a handmade floral fabric napkin (in the same fabrics as the fabric garland) and a guest bag. Each handmade bag was tied with brown twine and printed with True Love, Sweet Love, Chocolate Love. To symbolise True Love, guests were given a soft fabric heart that matched the floral fabric napkins. Sweet Love was represented by honey tea bags to enjoy at home and Chocolate Love was a take home s’more.

Two drinks stations were set up on a beautiful antique side table for guests to enjoy. The first drink station was a vintage Limca crate filled with milk bottles of plain milk and chocolate milk. Each milk bottle as decorated with a super cute ceramic tag by Paper Boat Press that read ‘Sweet Things’ and ‘With Love’.

The second drink station was a number of vintage crates, some filled with glass mason jars of honey tea.

Behind the reception table hung the same floral fabric garland used in the bridal portraits.
Once guests had been seated they were served chocolate tasting plates with a delicious selection of chocolate desserts. These included a wrapped chocolate brownie, a miniature stack of chocolate pancakes decorated with raspberries or love signs, a miniature s’more tart and a tiny chocolate cake.
Guests also enjoyed alternating glass mason jars of tea or hot chocolate (a milk bottle of chocolate chips with a miniature jug of hot milk). Each beverage carried a personalised grey stripy straw and name tag.

For more delicious treats, two amazing cake bars were also enjoyed by Will and Sofia and their guests. Firstly guests were served two pastel coloured rainbow cakes with soft heart cake toppers in floral fabric. Flowing behind the bar was the same soft pink tulle curtain from their portraits.

On the second cake bar stood the most amazing three tiered wedding cake by Jade of Cake Star. The cake was delicately styled with graduating pink icing and a handmade white posy. At both the drink stations and cake bar sat the same wooden ‘love’ and ‘wedding’ signs as at the ceremony.

Will and Sofia’s guests kindly signed love notes for the couple and pegged them to a rustic old white gate with miniature wooden pegs.

I hope you have enjoyed Will and Sofia’s chocolate factory love story and have found it inspiring. I would like to say are very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to some very special people...

Firstly to Jarrod, my husband for making this shoot possible, without you there would be no Love In October. To Jenny, you are truly amazing and a wonderful friend. Thank you for capturing all my thoughts and ideas into gorgeous photographs and road tripping with us to faraway places. To my beautiful Mum, thank you for making my crazy ideas into reality and for sewing the most amazing pieces by looking at a picture and from my vague explanations.

Also a big warm thank you to Jade (Cake Star), Julie (Julie Vine Flowersand Judi (Little Gray Station). Thank you for your kindness, generosity and amazing talents, I really appreciate it. 

If you are the real Will and Sofia or know them please let me know, I would love it.

event design & styling: Love In October / photography: Jenny Cuerel Photography / location: Boggo Road / wedding cake: Cake Star / rainbow cakes and chocolate desserts: Love In October / timber table, mismatched vintage chairs and crates: Little Gray Station / vintage side table and Limca crate: a wonderful friend / Golden Circle crate and all other props: Love In October / tulle curtain: Love In October’s fabulous Mum