February 8, 2012

éclairs for breakfast: an anniversary hoedown

I know this anniversary hoedown was a little while ago, but it is still fabulous! For their first anniversary, the ladies of Utterly Engaged celebrated with a big BBQ along with their family, friends, readers and some of the industry's most talented individuals. 

On a perfect summer day, the BBQ was lit, bands were set up, lounge areas were arranged, a delicious dessert bar was on display and a number of other activities were to be enjoyed. 

Gorgeous floral arrangements of wild flowers were scattered around, sitting in glass mason jars and vintage tins. 

Melody of the Sweet and Saucy Shop was the genius behind the amazing dessert bar. Hanging above the bar were pink and white ropes and soft white fabric curtains. The main feature was an amazing three-layered cake decorated in torched meringue style frosting. Melody also created small side nutella hazelnut cakes. Her other mouthing watering treats included brownies, whoopie pies, mini s'more tarts and caramel crunch.

Quests nibbled on macaroni and cheese, beef sliderscaramelised onions and drank pink lemonade and sangria. 

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