January 13, 2012

travel love: happy feet

I just couldn't go past these super cute travel photos with a twist. This delightful couple have captured everywhere they have been with a unique photo idea... a photo of their feet on location! Their locations include Argentina, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and Bolivia.

and with a little addition in London, England and Portugal.

(Photography by Tom and Verity Robinson, found via news.com)

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  1. I came across your blog after reading the article in Reader's Digest featuring your blog entry. You finally given me an idea on how to part of the photographs I take. I am always the photographer and not able to be part of the photo. At times I would set the camera to remote shooting and had to dash as fast as my legs could carry me to the location of the shot. I have tried to have others take the shot for me using my camera but it almost always gets ruined from all the shaking. So enough is enough.