July 20, 2011

éclairs for breakfast: rooftop pancake bar wedding

There is something fabulously delicious about having éclairs for breakfast but what about breakfast for lunch or dinner? How about a breakfast bar for your guests at your wedding?

This gorgeous rooftop pancake bar was created for a magazine shoot and inspired by the film 500 Days of Summer. As the film's leading couple enjoyed pancakes on their first date, a pancake bar was the perfect idea for an inspired wedding reception. 

The vintage themed pancake bar had a variety of pancakes for guests to devour, and for extra flavour they could also choose from a number of different fruits and syrups. 

The fruits and syrups were displayed in glass mason jars alongside glass drink dispensers full of fruit juices. The pancakes were served on white and blue patterned dinner plates with silver cutlery. 

The reception table and upholstered fabric chairs added an extra vintage touch to the rooftop location overlooking Los Angeles. The tablescape design was so elegant with a sweet feminine touch. It was styled with romantic flower arrangements, pretty patterned napkins and hand-drawn chalkboard place settings. I just adore the 'I Love Us' drinking glasses. 

Cute 'I Love Us' notes and more lovely flowers were placed on the guest signing table beside fashion design and architecture themed props. 

For beautiful daytime wedding photos, the couple visited a Los Angelos park (a film location), wearing fantastic wedding outfits including a vintage wedding dress and fabulous striped socks!

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