June 15, 2011

travel love: nepal

Today’s travel inspired post is a new feature for Love In October where I hope to share with you some of the beautiful and exciting places that LIO has travelled to. Travelling is filled with love, fun, adventure, pleasure and can also be very inspiring. From our travel photographs I hope to share with you what we loved about the places, people, culture, colours and food, and how you can use this as inspiration for planning an event or wedding, or hopefully to even inspire you to travel to that destination.

Our first destination is the adventurous and beautiful Nepal. Nepal was a mixture of chaos and beauty, from the overwhelmingly busy Kathmandu to the serene Himalayan mountains.

The streets of Kathmandu were full of colour and history, with the looming smells of spices. The people were friendly and busy, noisily going about their days and way of life. Kathmandu provides a mixture of western and local foods, as well as other international delights such as German bakeries (full of delicious doughnuts and pastries).

The Himalayan mountains and trekking paths to Everest Base Camp were breathtaking. To look up at the likes of Mount Everest, Ama Dablam and Lhotse daily, covered in snow was very humbling. You gain an appreciation and respect for the Nepalese culture and way of life when you see the porters and yaks carry all supplies by foot up the trekking paths. 

The Nepalese people are delightfully happy and friendly, especially the children. They truly enjoy people trying to learn their language and have just as much fun trying to learn English.

Nepal is a truly spectacular place with unexpected pleasures. I would recommend a visit to this wonderful place if you are seeking an exciting adventure!

Occasion Inspiration...

When walking the trekking paths I constantly felt inspired by things I saw everyday or the little treats we got to eat along the way. Here are a few that you could easily be reinvented for your next occasion.

Prayer flags... The Nepalese people hang colourful prayer flags (5 colours to represent 5 elements) from the highest and purest points. They believe that as the wind blows the flags disperse prayers off into the universe. When seeing these prayer flags it always reminded me of the beautiful colourful flags that were featured in this bright and colourful wedding.

Bakery treats... Along the paths, in some of the most remote villages were cute little bakeries that supplied trekkers with a tremendous range of cakes, doughnuts, tarts, biscuits and breads. This is such a treat when you have been trekking for 8 hour days, for 2 weeks. These treats reminded me off these delicious wedding doughnuts

I hope you enjoy this new LIO feature and feel a little travel and occasion inspiration! 

(Photography by Jarrod Buhagiar)

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